rasa larg






enables you to manage your SMS communications And emails from your computer desktop. This  user friendly desktop software allows you to easily compose, manage, send individual and bulk SMS and Email campaigns .




Key Features
1 Send SMS And Email to multiple customers
2 Add edit customers details to send SMS for marketing campaigns or promotions
3 Categorize confirmed, interested and not interested customers
4 Create unlimited categories and group with customer type. Send bulk SMS’s to customer categories separately
5 SMS composing is done with HTML editor. Preview each SMS before sending
6 SMS message is saved as SMS template. Create and customize multiple SMS templates
7 Get message history like number of SMS’s sent to a customer phone number. 
8 Send instant SMS to an individual customer
9 Suspend an SMS template from the application
10 Work with gsm modem and smsc protocol 
1 Rasa helps in product promotion and other marketing campaigns
2 Messages like promotions, reminders, alerts and special notice can be delivered fast
3 Fully customizable and scalable application
4 Helps customers to constantly engage in your companies updates
5 User friendly interface and helps in mass messaging