GIGAICT is a database programming specialist. Nearly all of our work involves a database on the back-end. Databases are used to store product information, user accounts, content for websites, and just about anything else that needs to change.

 We have worked with many of the leading database technologies, including SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres, and many others. Our database administrators are constantly on the lookout for up and coming new technologies that can benefit our customers, such as graph databases and other non-relational databases.

 Solid database creation and effective database management is critical to the success of any modern web application. Databases need to be optimized and constructed with the end use in mind.

 At GIGAICT, we create our database diagrams using several different tools and techniques, then use modern scripts to add columns or change relationships so that data is preserved.

 We also are able to combine or link databases from different sources, such as 3rd party web services or open source software. Many of our projects have multiple 3rd party components leveraged to deliver more value, but effective database integration is critical for this.

 Database development and database programming are the twin cornerstones to any web or software application. GIGAICT methodically cultivates expertise in databases as they are a key component of all of our work.