Many businesses have learned that the Internet is a great place to sell their products. The team at GIGAICT can build your business a beautifuly designed online store that allows your customers to quickly and easily purchase products from you. Our online stores are effective, reliable and easy to maintain. And we apply state-of-the-art technology to ensure the security of you and your customer's financial data.

E-commerce-shop-wagenWe always work with you to determine the specific needs of your particular business, but your e-commerce store can include the following features to help your customers:

  • Multiple search capabilities
  • Picture and text descriptions of products
  • Password-protected account
  • Calculated shipping and tax costs
  • Suggestions for complementary products
  • Order history
  • Integration with 3rd part services



The store can also include many features to help you maintain the store, including:

  • Simple interface for adding, editing and deleting products
  • Products organized into categories
  • Special sale pricing, coupons and discount codes
  • Reports and Data Exports
  • Inventory tracking



  Do you want to learn more? Tell us a little about your organization on our contact page and someone from GIGAICT will get in touch with you.