Software Development

GIGAICT is an expert software development shop. We have installed, integrated and programmed software solutions for many of customers.

GIGAICT has programmed software that completes diverse operations such as:


  • Payroll software for a government and company
  • Tracking technology assets for a large school system
  • Asset management for a substantial recycling and reuse company
  • B to B and B to C commerce transactions
  • Social networks and communications databases
  • Sales and CRM management tools

We have completed dozens of substantial database-driven software projects that support our client's offices and relationships, in addition to more traditional customer focused web applications and websites.

GIGAICT uses a proven software development process for all of our software programming. We work well with IT managers, project managers, and executives to define software requirements, integrate existing or 3rd party software, develop and program custom modules, debug, release and support software that:

  • Increases sales
  • Improves office efficiency
  • Streamlines communications
  • Tracks products
  • Our well-executed projects deliver a measurable ROI on the investment of our clients.