3302476 origGIGAICT is ready and able to work with you in creating or improving your Web Marketing campaign.

A professional Web Marketing strategy can:

    - Increase the visibility and popularity of your website

    -Optimize each web page to draw traffic using specific keywords

    -Setup targeted pathways that convert visitors to customers

    -Measure your website's performance relative to the target audiences

    -Increase profits by using advertising dollars in verifiable marketing campaigns

    -The GIGAICT team understands the required techniques to allow search engines to bring the right visitors to your site.



Our services include:


  • Audit and update your website to maximize your traffic from the search engines
  • Optimize your website to improve your sales conversion rates
  • Manage your email marketing, pay-per-click, and social media campaigns
  • We first perform a competitive analysis and then mutually develop a strategy for your website. We collaborate in defining keyword and long phrases, and in placing them optimally. We couple this comprehensive action with analytical tools to track the effectiveness of our Web Marketing efforts.
  • Our designers and developers will both help you understand the key components of SEO and train you in their use and maintenance on your website.


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